Edward respects the past, creates in the present, and looks confidently to the future. His goal for each project is to discover and encapsulate your unique style through a process of exposure, education and creativity. Edward and his team values the importance of listening closely to you. They are focused on understanding the essence of what you want and then masterfully bringing that feeling into visual expression. As you and Edward work together, each project becomes a sensory adventure. The end result is a space in which you can live your life fully, freely and on your terms…without static from your surroundings.

about the designer

Edward has been featured in:

• Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Magazine

• Georgia Magazine

• Atlanta Journal Constitution



Edward began his relationship with design at a young age. His passion for wanting things to look – and feel – their best inspired him to decorate his own bedroom in high school. “I thought my parents were going to flip when I painted the ceiling a deep Mediterranean Blue, but it looked great with the custom window treatments that I created,” he says, smiling. As he experimented and found that little things – when combined in a special way – can make a big difference, Edward’s natural knack for design solidified into a life-long career.


After a short stint in college, he quickly rose up the ranks in the retail industry to become, at the age of 21, one of the youngest department managers in the history of Marshall Fields. “I managed house wares and linens where I learned about true designer quality,” he explains. Edward’s talents didn’t stop with home furnishings; he was soon hired as a manager for cosmetics at Neiman Marcus, where his appreciation for color took off. “It was great being trained by Chanel, Yves St Laurent and all the top lines,” he notes. His natural talents soon made him very visible in the cosmetics industry and he eventually went to Paris where he trained with Givenchy. His refined cosmetics skills, his ability to communicate clearly and his infectious enthusiasm landed him a position as a national training manager for the company in the United States.


Edward eventually opened his own business as a makeup artist and worked on photo shoots all over the world with several top super models. “It was great working with top photographers and designers and seeing the best of the world’s locations,” says Edward. During this time, Edward was designing interiors for people when he was stateside. From his retail, make-up, photo shoot and travel experience over the past 40 years, Edward has developed a deeper understanding of how to shop and what to buy.


Edward settled in Atlanta, Georgia in 1998 and started Edward Holifield by Design LLC and expanded his company with Holifield Renovations INC in 2008. Having held a real estate license in the past he has a true insight that increases his ability to help his clients understand the market and maximize their investment, whether they desire to build, resell or remodel.