Edward took the time to understand the specific needs of my old house, and the family pieces that I wanted to feature.

“Edward Holifield is a true professional. He took the time to understand the specific needs of my old house, and the family pieces that I wanted to feature. He showed me many styles and we explored all the options before making a final selection.First he completely designed the formal living room and dining room, including absolutely beautiful new furniture. His staff and contractors were meticulous with details, and the finished product was exactly what I had in mind.The second phase was to do substantial structural work to the foundation, to rip out the master bath and construct a new master bed/bath suite; also included was a total gutting and replacing of a guest bath and cosmetic repairs and furnishings of the two guest rooms.Edward always kept me aware of the progress, monitored his staff and contractors with a very detailed eye, and was always aware of my budget requirements and time restraints. I would recommend his firm with the highest praise.”


Jay Reynolds

 To work with Edward is to be in the presence

of artistic genius and vision.

I would say ‘I need a little time to process’… and in his mind, the space was complete. His excitement and enthusiasm is contagious.. what would otherwise prove tedious is transformed to ‘fun’. But most of all, it’s knowing that less than perfection is not an option. The job will be done…. you will love it… and him. “


Jan Thomasma

Edward Holifield was critical to the entire process of the complete renovation of my home from beginning to end.

 He came up with the entire design, managed the architects, contractors, and entire finished product. The project would have never been completed without his support, professionalism, design influence and attention to detail.


Todd Perman

Edward is a true talent!

“He is a gifted interior designer and works in both residential and commercial. Edward will keep you laughing while transforming your life! He exudes energy and enthusiasm with a witty, dry sense of humor.


Becky Morris

Edward’s work is trans-formative.

 He took the ideas out of my head and made them not only real but many times better than I could have imagined. He made my renovation, that I had put off for years because of the stress involved, a total pleasure. Thank you Edward, I love to go home now. Its lovelier than any hotel because it feels like the best part of me. I am so looking forward to working with you on our house in the British Virgin Islands.


Faye Archibald-Williams

Edward’s unique design talent easily transitions into commercial office space.

Having worked with several decorators in the past I was impressed with Edward’s ability to listen to what we wanted and then take it a step beyond. He turned our 10,000sq ft office space into a well tailored, conservative space that reflects the company’s image and gave it a current style in the process.


Brad Lebovitz

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